Sustainable Tourism Industry

As the means of vehicles and technology has been improved, it is irrefutable that tourism is one of the important parts for many countries’ economic development. With so many positive sides such as more active cultural exchanges or economic growth, there is also counterproductive side emerging from the ongoing growth of the tourism like environmental contamination. In the following paragraphs, I shall discuss why people do make environmental problems and the solutions to a sustainable tourism industry.
The biggest problem we should consider is that people have little tendency to hold themselves responsible for the new place where they stay. This has led to littered surroundings after a group of people moved to another area, which has made the situation getting worse. Tourists should be made aware of situation that the national characters can be easily exposed especially in the foreign countries where they are staying. small misbehaviors play an important role in establishing the impression of foreigners for local people. Aside from the national image, tourists should have an awareness of environmental conservation. Each one should know that one plastic bottle or wrapping paper of snack would not biodegrade easily but last for a long time.
In order to prevent careless tourists from bringing about environmental destruction in the attractive places where local people take a great care of, governments should also come up with feasible solution with the support from local people and tourists. To make foreign tourists dispose their rubbish more easily, it would be helpful that if trashcans are placed at regular intervals and cleaned regularly. Tourists should be educated fully not to litter recklessly by the tour guide and local environmental facilities or authorities before they start going around the country.
Tourism industry should be encouraged to go forward so that many countries and multicultural people can also enjoy advantages in ways that they can broaden...