Supply and Demand Paper

Supply and Demand Paper
XECO/212 Sara Sheikh
Felicia Sullivan

My paper is describing the supply and demands of purchasing a washing machine.   Everyone wants just a washer and dryer in home because of the conveince, but have you ever just thought about all of the decision when purchasing something of this magnitude. In my essay I will explain the factors that could possibly change the supply and demand of purchasing a washer. I will also show other substitutes that can be used as an option for my washer. I will also determine the complements for my product along with the necessity of my good.
When purchasing a washer, you think first about your price range. What is the amount that you are able to pay to keep from sending yourself into debt? What is the size of the washer you may need? Among other decision, a person often thinks of other ways to complete a specific duty without spending money. We will chat about some of these substitutions. Some factors that could change the supply and demand of a washer is the model of the machine, the features, the warranty and compare the washers to others. Having a washing machine in the home makes it easier and is less time consuming.
Some of the substitutes for purchasing a washing machine are to hand wash the clothes and hang them on the line or to use a public laundry mat. Another is renting a washer or using a cleaning service. These are a few substitues that I could think of. It is either you are purchasing a washer or you are renting one. If not in the home, the person has to think of other ways to get their clothes clean. All of these options will cost money monthly. The best is to purchase a new or used washer until you can get the one you can afford. When using a substitute like hand washing, it makes it hard to get all of the detergent out of the clothes.
Two complements that come to play when purchasing a washer are the ability to use as you wish and saving money. Another is the dryer. This...