Supplier Scorecard

Extra Credit Assignment 2
1. – YouTube – Supplier Selection.
2. This video gives an explanation of what’s the supplier selection process of Mini Conf., a clothes manufacturing company. Using a cartoon, the video details every step the company utilizes in the supplier selection, from keeping questionnaires to making yearly audits to ensure that the supplier is complying with the specifications made by Mini Conf.
3. This simple and a bit childish video explains in a very detailed manner how a real company utilized the supplier scorecards to keep a record on their suppliers and in the selection process of them. It supports the content in the Supplier Relations and Scorecards lesson really well, because it gives a good step by step example of how to keep a scorecard, by setting questionnaires to be filled by the supplier; making audits to the supplier’s offices to make sure they comply with the specifications; evaluating the results and using the information on the selection process; and lastly by making an in-market survey to make sure that the product offered is a high quality one.
4. I recommend this particular video for anyone who is trying to learn more about the supplier selection process, because this video relates the topic to a real life example, which at the same time is somewhat controversial because it’s a fashion related company, who are known for selecting suppliers abroad which have problems with unfair payment, terrible working conditions, and child labor; so it’s interesting to know how such a controversial industry keeps their standards on the supplier selection process.