During this summer, my favorite thing is travelling to Japan by “Quantum of the Seas”. This ship is really interesting and cool, very huge. It has 348 meters length, 167800 tons weight. There are almost 10,000 people on that ship. It is the biggest ship in the world.
There are many interesting places on the ship. The most famous one is “North Star”. This is the only one on the world. We can go to the 300 feet high and can take a view at 360 degrees. This is the only place I can look over this ship.
“Ripcord by IFly” is also very nice. It is the first time that parachute on the sea. The wind blow from bottom and if you can control your body better, you can fly very high. But I can’t. When I got out of that, my mum asked me, “What   do you feel about that? Do you feel exacting?” I answered, ”It’s so hard to breathe. The wind is so fiercely. But I think it is really exacting.”
“Two70°”is also another interesting place. It could be the mark of this ship. You can see the show there and also can see the view of the sea.
There are seven swimming pools, there hot springs, 2 sun baths on the ship.   Although there are many people, I still not feel crowded.
And also there are many other interesting places there. Although I played 3 whole days, but I still have something didn’t play.