Summary of the Article “the Source of Soviet Conduct” by John F. Kennan

The article “The source on Soviet Conduct” written by John Kennan in July 1947 is about the origin of the conduct of the Soviet Union with regard to the concatenation of their ideology and the circumstances. Kennan gives a recommendation for the behaviour of the United States concerning their engagement against the Soviets.
The first part of the article gives a historical background to better understand the Soviets ideology. Kennan indicates the prevailing policy of the Soviet Union was shaped by a variety of ideological concepts of the current soviet leaders and the way of leadership in the past. The leaders are influenced by the Marxist theory since it is supposed to give them the justification to behave without the support of the majority of population. They focused more on the cause of socialism as on its future and tried to prevent every other form of organization getting power and structure. Kennan specifies that this process has never been concluded.
The ideology has convinced the people that everything outside of Russia is an enemy and that capitalism must be destructed. This has also been the justification for the retention of the dictatorship. After they exterminated the capitalism in Russia they emphasized on the capitalism abroad to justify this retention. The remaining antagonism from the foreign countries has been used as an explanation for maintenance the dictatorial authority. But now the thought is established so strongly that it requires nothing more in order to maintain it.
The second part of the article gives an outlook and proposals on how the US should behave. Kennan argues that the Soviet regime believes that the capitalist world is a danger for the whole regime and that it would only consent to certain transnational matters as a tactical action with regard to the remaining antagonism. Kennan warns the US to not believe in this tactics until a change in the internal nature of Soviet power has come which could take long time. He also says...