Summary of Dead Poets Society

Summary of Dead Poets society
Dead poets’ society is about a preparatory school for boys, called Wellton academy, the school is very focused about their four pillars, which are: Honor, excellence, discipline and tradition. The tradition is being tested, when a replacement teacher, John Keating a Wellton alumnus, arrives. Mr. Keating show the students a whole new site of life, he teaches them poetry, with the foundation of “carpe diem”. Some of the boys find out that Mr. Keating, when he attended Wellton, was a member of an organization called the dead poets’ society. He tells them that it was a secret club where students took turns to recite poem to each other, both famous but also homemade poems. Inspired by Mr. Keating’s story, the boys decide to reform the club and by the request of Mr. Keating they start to take a lot of chances in their life. One of the boys, Knox Overstreet, decides to chase his new found love for a girl named Chris. Another of the boys, Neil Perry, decides that he wants to act, and gets the leading part of a play.   His biggest problem is that his father doesn’t approve of his acting career, so he chooses to lie to both his father and Mr. Keating. It all ends in a confrontation between father and soon which leads to Neil Perry’s suicide. The boys are forced, by the dean and their parents, to sign a confession statement indicating that Mr. Keating is responsible for their actions, which leads to his firing. At the end of the movie Mr. Keating enter the classroom to get his personal belongings, when he is about to leave the room, the youngest of the boys, Todd Anderson, chooses to defy the dean and jumps onto his desk to show his respect gratitude to Mr. Keating for changing his life. One by one, almost all the boys defy the dean, and get up on their tables. Mr. Keating leaves the room with moist eyes, and the words: “Thank you boys, thank you”.