Summarise Key Aspects of Legislation, Reguory Requirements and Codes of Practice Relating to Own Role and Responsibilities

In my role as a Beauty Therapist Trainer i need to have a clear understanding of the Codes of Practice and current legislation that effects my role.These acts have guidelines to protect learners and staff and and I need to ensure the safety and welfare of others during their learning process and legislation is designed to give me guidance to do this.
The Codes of Practice sets out rules outlining how a personin a certain profession or situation are expected to behave.Within my specialist area I must comply with the Code of Professional Practice 2008 to be able to teach.

Code of Professional Practice (2008)

The Code of Professional Practices 2008 in the Lifelong Learning Sector covers teachers activities.The code consist of seven parts of behaviour.Namely,professional integrity, respect,reasonable care,professional practice,criminal offence disclosure, responsibility during Institute investigations and finally responsibility.

Data Protection Act (1998)

The data protection act is mandatory and must be adhered to at all times by learners and teachers.Data on paper and computer based data must be kept safe and processed in a confidential manner.All candidates portfolios must be filed away safety.

Health and Safety Act (1974)

Health and Safety Act 1974 states I have a responsible for the reasonable safety to myself and learners. I will have to ensure that working environment i.e classroom is suitable for me and the learners and make any adjustments that are necessary.I inform learners of the fire procedures and the exit points.A risk assessment would have been carried out prior to the lesson commencing.According to   "it is the primary piece of legislation covering occupational health and safety in the United Kingdom.The Health and Safety Executive is responsible for enforcing the act and a number of other Acts and Statutory Instruments relevant to the working environment" .As I could be working with students that may be vulnerable...