October 30, 2013

Ms. Martinez,

I did not want to work on my homework for the last two days. Should I miss recess so I can catch up a little bit on my homework? Just an idea!

Thank you… You are a very kind teacher.
I am sorry.

Home sweet home is a my English paper that I was working on.. This letter is regarding me now willing to complete my assignments.


  * 3 years of retail management experience including the operations of a restaurant and 6 person staff.
  * Improved customer satisfaction by 30 percent in one year period.


Buy-Mart, Oakland, CA                                                                                                           September 2010 – Present
Deli Manager (October 2011-Present)
  * Managed team of 6 employees including recruitment, hiring, and management of staff. Created employee incentive program which resulted in significantly lower attrition rates.
  * Increased customer satisfaction score by 30 points in one year (out of 100) through a series of   training initiatives which focused on increasing the speed and friendliness of staff.
  * Oversaw day-to-day operations of deli including inventory management, sales reporting, expense tracking, and ensuring proper hygienic standards.
  * Grew store revenue from $1.7M in 2011 to $2M in a two year period.

Cashier (September 2010-October 2011)
  * Promoted to Deli Manager after only one month of employment.

AMD Theaters, Oakland, CA                                                                                             May 2008 – September 2010
  * Served as cashier/usher. Averaged sales of $350/night (ranked 2nd among 20 person staff).
  * Trained multiple new staff members on a monthly basis on operations, policies, and cleanliness.


Buy-Mart, Oakland CA...