Ben Stein is a known journalist who often wrote about celebrities for EOnline. His article How Can Someone Who Lives in Insane Luxury be a Star in Today’s World? actually broke the consistency of his entertaining columns about Hollywood life. He expresses his new perspective on how he sees the true celebrities of the world. They aren’t the ones who portray themselves to be perfect on screen, but those who give back to society off screen.
Stein makes his readers question what exactly is a definition of a role model. Often our role models end up along the lines of, “bright, powerful and attractive”, but we don’t seem to understand that they haven’t achieved anything but a large income. One can have power and beauty but it doesn’t mean that they will use it for the benefit of society. Often we see that such people use their power for their own selfish needs to make a more luxurious life for themselves. The true benefit of having these qualities would be if they use their power to make society a better place to live.
We often look at what the media has to say to keep ourselves updated, but we often see the useless news that doesn’t affect our lives much. Watching “lavish weddings” simply just make us jealous of what we don’t have, making us more greedy human beings. If we saw news that actually mattered, we would have completely different perspectives on life. For example all the people that are fighting for their nation’s safety and freedom are the ones we need to look up to. Their situation would make us feel more grateful for what we have and motivate us to do similar things for our nation.
Stein mentions, “we are puny, insignificant creatures,” saying that our actions don’t make such a big impact on the world. I completely disagree with this statement. I believe that one person’s decision can move mountains. Progress all begins with an idea, and if that one person properly broadcasts his/ hers idea, then that idea can make great changes. If one man hadn’t...