Student Advising

Dracco Oliver


What is the main purpose of the student advising center and how important is it to the Columbus state community college students. The student academic advising center was my choice of campus resource, I had little idea to what really goes on in the there. My thought   must say it is to “be there for the student”. In turn, this means forming a relationship with the student, meeting them where they are in their life, listening to them, and not just showing them what classes to take. Therefore I decided to interview a couple of student to find out if they have used the service and why they think it is important and then I interviewed a student academic adviser about the service and what really goes on in there  

compiled. I went to the Aquinas hall, room 116 and talked to Sherri Harrington a student

adviser, she was very pleasant and helpful. She told me the purpose of the student advising   is to do more than just see that the student graduates, it means to ensure that the student is ready for their career—and life beyond the college campus to server as a

link between students and the college by answering general questions about student

education, helping student in their planning, help them in their progress and also help with

difficulties faced during their time spent at the college. what student advising does is to be an

access for students to find out departmental goals for students, identification, development

and implementing of suitable educational plan.While it is true that some students just want an advisor to ensure that they take the correct classes; others (a great many others), would like someone that is able to coach them through the challenging times and congratulate them on their achievements.
An important part of her philosophy of academic...