Str 581 Weke Two

Environmental Scan and Summary

Julie Hull
University of Phoenix
Strategic Planning and Implementation
Calvin Lathan
July 19, 2010
Environmental Scan and Summary
The success of Kudler Fine Foods will depend on its ability to adapt to changes in
its internal and external environment.   The management team must understand and be able to make decisions as changes occur. To continuously update its strategy, Kudler Find Foods will need to perform environmental scans. Environmental scanning is a method that monitors a firm’s internal and external environments for detecting early signs of opportunities and threats that may influence its current and future plans (Business Dictionary, 2010).
The objective of environmental scanning is to detect technological, social, economic, events that help define potential threats and opportunities in an organizations competing industry. It will help Kudler Fine Foods management informed of industry standards, forecasts, and trends. Having this knowledge will help Kudler Fine Foods develop a strong strategy.
Kudler Fine Foods has several strengths. The company’s mix of products, high quality gourmet and fine foods it provides its customers, and strong reputation in the community because of the freshness and quality of its products are all strenths. This reputation and product mix allows the company to charge a higher price for its high quality specialty foods. In comparison, Kudler Fine Foods has several weaknesses. One weakness is the company has a limited presence and is currently not a national company. Another weakness for Kudler Fine Foods includes fewer resources then its larger competitors that makes it harder for the company to compete, its current network/database is subpar and will have to be upgraded if the company plans to expand, and its website does not adequately showcase the company or its products.
Kudler Fine Foods has many opportunities it can take advantage of to make it a stronger company....