Stephan King the Green Mile

The green mile is about Paul he is in a house for the elderly. He is thinking of his earlier years. He was the head-jailer on the Green Mile. This is a prison were prisoners are waiting for their execution. A girlfriend of Paul is also in the house for the elderly. Paul doesn’t feel good and goes downstairs and watches TV. When he sits there his girlfriend came and ask what was wrong. He starts to tolled her that he was the head-jailer in blockE, a part of the prison. BlockE has 6 cells and 1 restraint room. There is also an electric chair which is called Old Sparky. One day there came a really big man. His name was John Coffey. He was brought in by Percy Wedmore a jailer. There is also another man in the prison his name is Eduard Delacroix. When John is in his cell, Paul gets a pain in his bladder. He suffers from that really long.
When Paul came out of the toilet, there was a letter on his desk. In this letter was what John Coffey had done. There was a family. The family was called Detterick. It was a father a mother and two girls. One day when the girls were playing they got kidnapped and murdered. John Coffey found them and got the girls in his arms and tried to make them come back. When he lay there, the father of the girls came and also other men and when they saw John they thought that John murdered the girls.
That night Paul couldn’t sleep. His bladder really hearted. But that was not the only thing. He didn’t know what he had to think of the murder and of John Coffey.
When he came the next day on the Mile Hall Mores was sitting there. He told Paul that his wife was really sick and probably had a tumor. But he also came to tell Paul that Percy had applied for a job but he only wants to go away when has led one execution.
One day there was a mouse on the Mile. Percy got really angry at that mouse. He tried to kill him but the mouse was to fast for Percy.
Then the mouse became friends with Eduard Delacroix. He learned...