Indian School Sohar 2014-2015 Duration – Summer Vacation Class IX Task Topic What is an interdisciplinary project? General Guidelines :1. Students must make report subject wise and submit it to their respective subject teacher. 2. The first page of the report will have the following description. Name of the student , Class/Sec. , Roll No. , Topic , Subject, Marks 3. The second page of the report will have acknowledgement. Please mention the list of websites, books referred etc. 4. Use A-4 size papers, A-3 size paper or chart paper as per the subject requirement and subject teacher’s instruction and carry out the following: Subject Description Specific Guidelines English Write a poem in about 12 - 16 lines on Trees or Our Green Planet. Write two slogans on 'Go Green' *Use pictorial illustrations. *Use various poetic devices taught. *Slogan should be original. *Write artistically on A4 size Chart sheets. Interdisciplinary Project Green Revolution An interdisciplinary project involves the combination of two or more disciplines.


k) hiryaalaI AaOr jaIvana pr AaQaairt Aaz sao dsa pMi@tyaaoM kI kivata paosTr e-4 saa[ja ko kagaja pr ilai#ae tqaa ]sasao saMbaMiQat ica~ icapka[e.

1 ihndI ko samaacaar p~ AaOr pi~kaeÐ pZ,kr jaanakarI p`aPt kroM. 2 p`yaaoga maoM laa[- ga[- pznasaamaga`I samaacaar p~¸ laoK va vaobasaa[T ka ivavarNa doM.³kovala naama itiqa evaM maasa ka naama doM´ 3 kaya- krnao ko ilae kovala e 4 Aakar ko kagaja ka p`yaaoga kroM.
    Write artistically on A4 size Chart sheets. Pictures can be drawn also. Write slogans in Arabic and English. Information can be collected from Internet, Newspaper and Magazines. Write points under the given headings, Project has to be hand written only, Can also paste clippings, cartoons etc., and mention Websites.


Write 5 sentences or slogans or phrases about Trees or Our Green Planet in Arabic with picture. Define Green Revolution, Need for Green Revolution, The basic elements in the method of the...