Speech and Language

Short term effects from speech and language difficulties can result in tantrums due to anger and frustration at being unable to express themselves fully. this can also lead to poor social skills as the individual will not be able to get their point across as well as they should, which will also influence their confidence in social situations meaning they may struggle communicating their needs or wants. There are many things professionals can do to help an individual with speech, language or communication difficulties such as: Speech therapy, Social skills sessions, talking about anything and everything, Question and answer sessions, Makaton or British sign language etc.
Individuals who have had speech language and communication problems for a while will be affected in a number of ways. The individual may feel lonely or isolated because of their difficulties; Many short term impacts carry on to become long term impacts. The development of the individual may be compromised by their communication difficulties, for example their frustration at themselves can lead to behaviour problems which can then in turn lead to learning difficulties (if not already present). All of this can have a negative impact on gaining a successful career once older, meaning the individual needs to rely on other people rather than themselves.
There are many Positive effects of adults supporting speech and language during early years, such as: Encourages learning and development, Promotes positive interaction aswel as helping build their confidence, helps form good relationships and social skills. Also having an adult offer support means there may be less referrals to the speech and language therapists.
Parents and carers have the potential to be fantastic influences for language development and learning. However some may underestimate their role in promoting Speech, language and communication. According to the National institute on deafness, “The first three years of life is the most...