Spa Treatments

Spa Treatments

Fiona Humphries


  * Introduction
  * Sauna
  * Body wrap
  * Scalp massage
  * Hydrotherapy
  * Stone therapy
  * Paraffin wax
  * Skin brushing
  * Steam room
  * Electric blankets
  * Body exfoliation
  * Contra indications
  * Special care conditions
  * Price & availability
  *   Water byelaws
  * Aftercare/homecare
  * Cross contamination

Spa Treatments

My report is on spa treatments, I am going to discuss several treatments which are available within the beauty industry. The treatments i will be covering are, body exfoliation, body wraps using mud and algae, scalp massage, hydrotherapy, stone therapy, paraffin wax, sauna, skin brushing, steam cabinet/room and electric blankets. I shall be discussing the benefits of each of these treatments and the effects they have, I will also go over the contra indications and special care conditions to each treatment and how to avoid cross contamination. I am going to include the average cost of each treatments and where you can have them done and I will give the after care and home care advice recommended for each one.


Saunas are used for many different reasons such as easing muscular pain and stiffness, reducing fluid retention, reducing nervous tension, helping to aid sleep, producing erythema, inducing sudoriferous glands which produces perspiration helping to remove toxins from the body and it also helps in the removal of dead skin cells giving the client healthier, softer skin.

Using a sauna can have different effects on people such as a rise in body temperature, stimulates sebaceous glands causing perspiration of toxins, softening of the skin, helps to prepare soft tissue ready for next treatment, helps client with relaxation and sleep and it can also soothe sore muscle pains.

The sauna should be pre heated for approximately 20-30 minutes. The client must shower before entering the...