Song of Solomon Focal Character

Focal Character: Pilate

In the Song of Solomon by Toni Morrison Pilate is a major character who gives

important guidance to milkman in his journey of self discovery. Her abstract lifestyle

gave Milkman a new out look on the world and helped him in his journey of self

discovery. (PG.27)Pilate was an outcast in her community and also a spiritual leader to

her family. Pilate is pushed aside from the black community in part because of her

“absence Of a navel “after her acceptance of the deformity she steps way from the

“community “ as she feels like it should be starting from zero. (PG.39)Her household is

set up with differently than others distancing herself from the world ,making wine but not

drinking it , having no electricity, wearing men’s boots wearing her short hair all distance

herself from the community. The spiritual guidance she gives to Milkman and Macon by

the songs she sings because she thinks that is what her father wants her to do.(PG.131)

Her encouragement to Ruth to help give her a child with Macon is successful because of

Pilate’s confidence in herself to be able to help someone. Pilate’s misconstrued idea of

the meaning of her father saying “sing” in away is what made her who she is before

seeing her father ,she would have followed Macon. Pilate giving strength to Milkman and

secretly Macon by her singing gives her role of the   historian and of the spiritual leader to

her family and empowers milkman to fly and also flies to escape the “ignorance” of

people who thought she did “not come to this with through normal channels.”