Song of a Battery Hen” by Edwan Brock War Without End” by Brue Dawe

I agree that poetry can illuminate important issues in our society. This is obvious in “War Without End” by Brue Dawe, which explores the issue of deaths in road accidents, “Song Of A Battery Hen” by Edwan Brock, which explores the issue of cruel treatment that battery hen have to endure an “Bran Nue Day” by Jimmy Chi and Mick Manolis which explores the issue of injustice and discrimination towards Australian Aborigines.
“War Without End” uses an extended metaphor to dramatise the thousands of people who die out on the road. The poet compares the death on the road to a war in such lines: "This war was not like any other war.” This dramatises the importance of road deaths, as the number of deaths are higher than deaths at war. Another metaphor used by the poet is: “torn limbs and silent tongue” giving the reader an image about what the victim’s went through.
The poets purpose for writing this poem is to make people aware of the horrific number of deaths. The poet is sending an important message to society, informing them about this common issue as it is an important problem that needs to be solved. Brue Dawe uses repetition to make the message strong. For example “this war is like no other war” is repeated in the first line in both stanza’s one and two, to convey the message to the reader. The feeling the poem arouses, is the seriousness of deaths out on the road. It makes the audience feel worried about who maybe the victim next.
This is an important issue in our society, and it is demonstrated in the poem. The poet demonstrates the issue using emotive language to inform the reader his feelings and thoughts about the issue. We can see the emotive language being used, when the poet uses personification. For example “ the ambulances with their strident cries” is a personification used giving the ambulance a human characteristic, with “strident cries” being the loud sirens from the ambulances.
The persona in “Song Of A Battery Hen” is a battery hen to show us the...