Description and Analysis of Operations and Operating processes carried out:
Software development is different from conventional product design and development.
model includes the following stages:
Gerry Coleman Department of Computing, Dundalk Institute of Technology,
Dundalk, Ireland, and Rory V. O’Connor School of Computing, Dublin City University, Dublin, Ireland)
Requirement gathering phase forms the integral phase of supply chain where physical or web interaction with the customer takes place in order to understand their expectation from the software system and satisfy accordingly.The major onus is on Project manager to ensure that the change is properly defined and agreed, and that its effects on the software are known (ie., how extensive is the change and what is its effect).The developers forms the other extreme end of the supply chain to actually change or develop the software and deliver it accurately and timely .The products of every stage (including documents) are subject to appropriate processes of inspection, review or testing, both for internal integrity (verification) and against requirements (validation).
required for each stage,Company allocate qualified engineers on the project to develop the system as per the resource allocation specification so that it does not exceed the specified budget and can be completed in estimated time scale. 3i-infotech pays too much importance on staffing the resource on particular project.
Evaluation of the organization’s operational performance against strategic requirement:
India is a booming nation of software innovations. Thus customer tends to be demanding and are constantly seeking new and innovative products.
3i-infotech support the value of insight, integration and innovation. Thus it becomes mandatory to deliver high quality,reliable,tailored made or innovative product and services.
Even if customer demands a wide range of products and services, the operational...