Socrates - Wisdom



Wisdom is having the capacity to judge effectively and to take the best strategy, based on information and comprehension. Wisdom continually seeks the truth and does not search for an equivocalness or oversight which we can use to sidestep and will not allow us to accept the true actual plan. Wisdom means understanding the results of our activities and words before we act or talk. Wisdom means having the information and understanding to know the difference between right and wrong and having the will and bravery to stick with it. It’s peaceable to others, it’s open to reason, its fair with kindness and fair-minded. Its understanding the certainties listening to counsel and tolerating guideline. It is knowing how to withstand disagreement and communicating with brainpower and comprehension. Wisdom is about having self control and the power of love. Dependably learning about reality and knowing how to accept it. It is not egotistic but rather demonstrates humility and honesty. It doesn’t fit in with this universe of natural belonging and realizes that the material is just transitory. Wisdom is something that safeguards us from error. It is similar to a stronghold protecting us from obliviousness and foolishness which can obliterate us and tear us down. Gaining knowledge offers us life so that we may have inner peace absence from it can ultimately lead us to a pathway of destruction. According to the bible in the book of (James 3:17) “But the wisdom that comes from heaven is first of all pure; then peace-loving, considerate, submissive, full of mercy and good fruit, impartial and sincere”. Wisdom therefore is a gift from God who will provide it to us if we ask him.

WISDOM Customs is not wisdom such as for example the biblical era consistent with the period life for the Jews and early Christians was cruel. Slavery was ordinary. Domineering lead by tyranny rule from the outside foreign forces was the standard. Women’s status in the public eye was...