Social Location

Elisabeth Ayala Ibarra
Ethnics 11-01
Professor Kiburi
14 May 2016

Social Location
Society today revolves around ridiculous ideologies and false standards for individuals
which strongly shapes the perspectives of those who do not meet those “standards”. An
individual’s social location may be composed from a variety of different aspects such as their
ethnic background, social class, education, religion, gender, geographic location, and age. These
false standards society has molded make happiness and success harder for people who do not
meet those absurd qualifications to achieve. Understanding one’s role in history and society is
vital for it allows them to understand their own development as an individual.
My life and background consist of a hurricane of experiences and elements. Every factor
has collided together to shape the individual I am today; not only who I am but what I am and
what I stand for. I was born on April 10 of 1997, in Sacramento, California, however, I was
raised in the small central valley town of Coalinga, California. The town is located in the middle
of a mountain range, surrounded by an abundance of farmland which was what most Hispanics
relied on for income and how they supported their household, including my own family. Being
from such a town, lacking opportunity and resources highly encouraged and motivated me in
school to strive and perform at my best academic ability in order to chase a higher education in
an actual city full of prosperity and opportunity. Nonetheless, growing up in a small town only
played a small role in my growing motivation to be successful. When people meet me they
typically never suspect that I have lived through some hell and back, making my drive for
success even greater.

I came to live in the valley town of Coalinga after my hardworking mother, Elisa Ibarra’s
passing which occurred May 25 of 2000, the result of a failed liver surgery. I was only 3 years
old at the time. My mother’s...