Social and Formal Groups

An example of a social group that I’m a part of is my family and the people that live with me at my household. An example of a formal organization I’ve been a part of in the past was the Boy Scouts of America.
My social group enjoys much of the same activities as I do. We have a family bowling night that we do once a month, which everyone in the household enjoys. I wouldn’t say there was a hierarchy in my social group, but I believe that my family relies on me to make critical decisions for the better of everyone. I would say that there is an unspoken hierarchy in the group. The interactions in my social group are very casual and often consist of joking with other members. I would say that everyone in my social group focuses on what others in the group need and we all try to help each other when in need.
The formal group that I was a part of in the past was the Boy Scouts.   The group is very distinct and highly specialized in the art of survival and woodsmanship. There was a hierarchy that was clearly defined and each member s rank could be distiquished from patches that are worn on their uniform. There are very clearly defined rules that Boy Scouts swear oath to at each meeting. These rules are all written in the Scout handbook. The relationships I had in the Boy Scouts were casual and rules were not hard to follow. The primary focus of the group was to become Eagle Scouts so we all focused on helping each other achieve this goal.