“The History of Soccer”
Attention Getter There are 99 days left for the world’s most watched event, some of you may know or may not know what I am talking about, but I am referring to the World Cup
Topic Disclosure Today I am going to talk about the history of soccer.
Audience Link Many of you have played soccer at least once, at the park or foosball which is a mini soccer field with plastic players which you can control with your hands.
Preview During my speech I will discuss how soccer got started, what made soccer get popular and finally about the first World Cup.
  Many different cultures have played a similar game to the     modern game but no one can say with certainty where soccer     began, but its known that the early variations of what later     became soccer were played 3000 years ago.(according to Athletics     Scholarships, 2008)
      An early type of soccer was traced back to 1004 B.C in Japan.
      At 611 A.D the Chinese also recorded a similar game played     between two teams.
      The teams would kick a leather ball that was hand stitched     and not filled with air but instead filled with hair.
      Teams consisted of twenty players in each team; it would take     place in a very large field.
      The point of the game was to get to the other side with the ball,     without being stopped by the opponents.
      Many people believe that soccer came from Mexico, and that     it originated from there.
      Soccer did not start in Mexico nor was it invented in that country.
      It started in China about 3000 years ago.
      Soccer was not brought to Mexico until a 1000 years later(according     to Athletic Scholarships, 2008).
      England was where soccer became popular and spread around     the world.
      At first, playing soccer was illegal in England King Henry     IV said that it was a useless practice.
      The game became so popular around the 1800’s that contest     were held at Northern and Middle...