Snow Falling on Cedars 'Conflicting Perspectives' Speech

Everything was conjoined by mystery and fate, and in his darkened cell he meditated on this. . . . He would have to . . . accept that the mountain of his violent sins was too large to climb in this lifetime.

Good morning miss Pttman and fellow class members, Identity and place is a very large thematic concern throughout the wholebook Snow falling on Cedars, just as well, Justice is another thematic concern that holds a large importance in the text. Each of these two themes can be linked to conflicting perspectives easily, as conflicting perspectives the differentiation between personal views, and makes the stories of each side objective. The quote I used is an example of the theme of Justice as it depicts a scene in the book where Kobuo reflects on himself while in his holding cell, and comes to the conclusion that he is being put on trial as punishment for all the people he killed during the war with Germany. It links to conflicting perspectives as although Kabuo views the trial in this matter, he realises that the facial expression he has given throughout the whole trial shows no remorse for the death of Carl Heine and thus people in the court room conclude he is guilty. Also the people in the court see this trial as testing Justice on the death of Carl Hein, and not anything about the war with the Germans and all of their deaths.

Identity and place is a large theme throughout the whole book is the main concept in this theme is the social separation between the Japanese Americans, and normal Americans. This is due to the fact that the setting of the book is in post World War II America, in 1954. Kobuo was on trial in the court room because he was accused of murdering Carl Hein, another fisherman from the area. Conflicting perspectives was a major part of the book because in the court room, all the non Japanese-Americans straight away had it set in their minds that Kobuo was guilty because of past events of the war between the Americans and Japanese....