Snow Boarding

The World Above
Ascending into the chilling, yet comforting air, the riders stared, droopy –eyed, at the blanket covered mountainside as it disappeared behind the clouds.   The helicopter ‘s blades seemed to fall silent as the pillows of clouds blended together, and the now free-shining sun pierced the insides of the lone helicopter.   The door swing open as the cold air hissed through the cabin and met the riders with a touch of adrenaline.   Exploding into the air, the fluffs of snow opened their doors to the riders starting their decent down the mountain. The cold snow flurried and melted on the riders lips, awakening their senses.   The brother-like humor of the three riders ceased immediately as the first cliff waited to watch them fall far beneath the apex of its majestic position.   With snow trailing behind him, the risk taker of the group leaped into the abandoned space in front of him.   Arms flailing, and eyes focused on the landing, the rider absorbed the impact and turned to watch the next rider eclipse to edge of the precipice.   Reunited, with a second helping of adrenaline, the riders headed into the trees for a technical test.   Each tree seemed to pass with death-threatening speed.   Soon they had blended together and all that could be seen was the light at the end of the tunnel.   Breaking through the walls of the forest, the riders looked up and seeing the clouds above them again, knew they were no longer in the world above.