Sir Gawain in Arthurian Legend

Sir Gawain is one of the most prominent and noble characters in Arthurian Legend.   He is
most noted for his quest in the tales of Sir Gawain and the Green Knight and many others. A recurring theme in all his quest involves a years time and a test of his wisdom and honesty(Howard). Because of his trials he is know as one of Arthur’s most noble and honest knights. He has become one of the legends most important characters and consistently appears throughout most of the stories.
Throughout the stories of King Arthur Sir Gawains role varies for each story.   This may be because his heritage is never completely established.   In all the stories Gawain is shown as the son of Authurs sisters Morgawse or Anna.   The varying factor is who his father is.   In most cases he is known as the son of King Lot of Orkeny but in earlier stories he is the son Loth of Lothian.   Regardless of his parents are, he has family connections with Arthur and is the nearest male relative to the king.   Because of this close tie he enjoys many privileges that other knights lack.   This gives Gawain access to the kingdoms inner circle but doesn’t sacrifice any of his freedom(Howard).   This situation is what has made Gawain a very popular subject in legend.
A great example of Gawains popularity and how important he is to Authur, is how he became married.   While away at Caer-Ligualid Arthur is defeated by a local knight but his life sparred if he could solve the riddle “What is it that women most desire?”.   Arthur only had a year to solve the riddle but found that he could not.   Later he was confronted by a hideous women that had the answer, for a price.   Arthur had to find her a wife.   Gawain, being the humble man he was offered himself as the sacrifice.   Because of his strong morals Arthurs’ life was sparred and he was rewarded.   The hideous women actually turned out to be a beauty under a curse(Briannia).

Another great tale that made Gawain famous was in the tale of Sir Gawain and the Green...