Should the Death Penalty Be Introduced

Should the death penalty be introduced?

The issue of the death penalty is one of the most fiercely debated topics around the world. The issue is the source of many conflicts within many societies with some people arguing that it is the only justifiable punishment for certain crimes whereas others say that no one has the right to take the life of another human being regardless of their crimes. There are a number of countries around the globe such as the United States of America and the United Arab Emirates that still implement the death and are completely convinced of its effectiveness in punishing and deterring crime but other countries, mainly in the West, disagree with such an extreme form of punishment.

The death penalty is one of the oldest punishments, with its use extending to the beginning of recorded history. It has been used in almost all societies both to punish crime and suppress political dissent. There have been many different forms of execution found in different, tribes, countries and time periods. Past execution methods include, boiling, burning, crucifixion, crushing, dismemberment and premature burial just to name a few. Nowadays most of the countries use humane methods of execution such as electrocution or a lethal injection although there are a few countries that still use torturous methods such as stoning that still takes place in countries such as Afghanistan, Brunei, Indonesia, Iraq and Iran among others.

Many people agree with the introduction of the death penalty as it prevents harmful criminals who are often imprisoned for life but then let out early from endangering society and being a threat to individuals. It is also a permanent punishment that can’t be undone whereas if a criminal is in jail they will always have the opportunity to be released. The reintroduction of the death penalty would also act as a major deterrent for crimes due to the extreme consequences if caught and would stop people trying to take advantage of the...