Should Alcohol Be Made Illegal Like Other Drugs

Drugs are illegal, but does that stop you from getting them if you want to? You and I both know that it doesn’t. In just a phone call or two you could have virtually any drug turn up at your doorstep in no time. What makes you think that the banning of alcohol would be any different? It has been tried before and failed, there is no doubt that it will fail again.

Alcoholic beverages became illegal in 1919 and only lasted until 1933. It was expected to lower crime rates and improve society as a whole, although this law did the complete opposite of what they intended. It increased crime rates as a black market had developed virtually overnight. If alcohol becomes illegal again the same thing is bound to happen.

Uncertainty about quality is likely to be greater in a prohibited market. Consumers cannot sue the manufacturers of faulty goods or complain to government agencies without incriminating themselves. As seen during the prohibition of alcohol, the health of people who drank alcoholic beverages from the black market decreased because there was no quality control. Thousands of people were poisoned by the impurities in illegal alcohol. Participants could not use the legal and judicial systems to resolve disputes and subsequently seeked other methods such as violence.

You can talk all you want about the harmful effects of alcohol, but alcohol has actually been found to be quite beneficial to health in small amounts. One or 2 glasses of wine a day can reduce the risk of heart attack by 30 to 50 percent in middle aged males and females, as well as many other health benefits. Therefore there is no harm in drinking responsibly. Note: I said RESPONSIBLY, alcohol is definitely not good for health if it is abused, especially over a long period of time.

Alcohol is without a doubt an integral part of society and culture in most countries and to ban it would be completely illogical. I believe drinking should be a choice, I mean, who is the government to decide what...