Shoreham Fieldwork Follow up

Before your lesson on Tuesday 28th June   you must:

  1) Complete the questions on this sheet

  2) Enter your group’s data into the right day’s spreadsheet:

  3) Drop a balloon in Google Earth on the exact point of your beach transect. Add any pictures, videos etc.. to your balloon.   Submit here:

  1. Gathering people’s views

|How did you decide which|It was essential to use fairly brief questionnaires to collect the data on account of the the time limitations. We |
|was the best way to     |kept the questions short and easy to answer (e.g. answering between a scale of 1-10) so that the questionnaire was |
|collect information     |as accessible as possible to a large variety of people. The answers would be direct, also meaning that we would a   |
|about people’s views on |large amount of quantative data which could be very helpful for statistics.                                         |
|the management of       |The use of extended interviews would have been extremely inefficient or simply not possible when considering the   |
|Shoreham’s coastline?   |circumstances. The time constraint meant that we would have only collected data from a handful of people, and the   |
|(talk about pros/cons of|data we would have received would have been subjective to the person’s opinion. There was a very low probability   |
|possible alternatives)   |that we would have found someone who was willing to give up that much of their time on the spot, in particular     |
|                         |under the short space of time before hand. Similar reasons apply to why a focus group could not be used.           |
|Once you had decided     |We ended up asking as many people...

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