Shermans March

Sherman’s March

      General William Tecumseh Sherman led 100,000 Union soldiers through Georgia. They were to try to capture Georgia. This is a major event in history because they fought around 20 battles that are known by people today. While they were on their rampage they destroyed much of the confederates’ property, around 100 million dollars. They captured Savannah and burned Atlanta.

      I think his march through Georgia was fair. Many people from the “Sherman Still Burns Atlanta” article also agree, like Mark Grimsley. Grimsley said that “All the territory he went after were fair game” and also, “The destruction that was done was within bounds.” They were fighting in war so it is understandable why he would do this. It is very remembered now for being a major series of events in the Civil War.

      Some people thought of him as “evil”, but I do not agree with this. Again, I say, they were fighting in a war and usually in war you do almost anything you can to win and that is what Sherman was doing. He, of course, was trying to win the war so he wanted to create the most damage all through out the states. When he came to one city he did not burn it because he said, “to beautiful to burn” so he did have a heart and was not just a reckless Union general.

He was the general of many major battles during his march. General William Tecumseh Sherman led them to many victories of burning and capturing. I do not have an abundant amount of thoughts on the subject though. The main reason I am glad he went through my state and burned much of the Confederate’s stuff is because of slavery.

Slavery I believe is extremely wrong! It is against everything I believe because I am a Christian. Owning another human being is not justifiable at all. This makes me agree with General William Tecumseh Sherman and his march. He was for the Union who is from the North and they agreed with my point of view on slavery. They were against it also. I am very happy that the...