She Found Me

Bonnie is sitting at the airport, waiting for her daughter, Jessica. She still can’t believe that this all started with one email, on one very normal day.

“Hi Bonnie,
I don’t really know how to begin this letter but here we go. My name is Jessica Herbert. 17 years ago, on the 9th of March, a woman named Bonnie Garber put me up for adoption at Manly hospital in Sydney. I am searching for my birth mother as I wish to meet her. If you are my birth mother, I would like to meet you and I hope you will let me meet you. I am not mad that you put me up for adoption; I have had a good life. If you are not my birth mother, I’m sorry I wasted your time.

Kind Regards, Jessica Herbert”

She couldn’t believe it, she was just spending a normal day at work when she received this email, the daughter she had given up, and she had come back. What had she been doing all these years? Had she known she was adopted? Why did she want to meet now? Bonnie shed a tear, then another, then another. Bonnie was interrupted from her thoughts with a knock at the door. It was her assistant, “Jack is upstairs waiting”. She wiped her eyes, fixed up her jacket and walked into the bathroom to make sure her eyes weren’t puffy. Did Bonnie want a child in her life? She didn’t know what to do; she needed her husband’s advice. But first, she needed to tell him she had a daughter.

“Hi Sweetie, sorry I’m late”, Jacob gave her a kiss and sat down, “How was your day?” “It was okay, I got some news”, Bonnie replied. “Oh?” “Now don’t freak out, okay? But there is something I never told you about me”, Bonnie was rubbing her sweating hands on her dress; she just needed to tell him. “I have a daughter”, She did it, “…. WHAT?”, She saw the shocked look on Jacob’s face, “When? With who? What’s her name? Why haven’t you ever told me? Where is she?”. Bonnie took a deep breath and looked up at Jacob, “17 years ago, I had a baby with my high school boyfriend. He left me when he found out. I was only 18, I...