Shawshank Redemption Analysis

Shawshank Redemption Scene Analysis
Establishing Sequence-Dark Scene- Not a lot of lighting. Andy is being talked down to. anger/sorrow.
‘If I didn’t care’ by Ink spots- symbolic scratchy car tune (diagetic music) ---> fades out as the scene starts.
Low key lighting-atmosphere- dark and gloomy atmosphere,
Close up of gun/alcohol .’. important + a low angle on these= importance. eerie music in the background-sense of danger.
Andy drinking from whisky bottle-gives ‘fuel’ to the actions, more intention to commit the crimes. enables police more ‘evidence’ for blame of the murders.
Andy walking through the bushes towards house. Low key lighting- gives a impression that something bad is going to happen.
Juxtaposition of music-change.
Intercut between courtroom scene + flashback to the night.
Close up of Andy in court = ‘icy + remorseless’, no emotion, passive, calm, monotone.
Close up of feet, with smashed bottle (symbol of anger) + we see him walk off ( voice over telling us what happened)
Focal Point (lawyer holding gun- showing guilt)
Straight bleak look on andy’s face- worried/ knowing that he will be found guilty.
Montage of shots- of affair- gives viewer a recap of what happened.
The gavel marking the sentence pounds the screen to black- metaphor for end of life.

Meeting Red 3 Times (recurring scene)
This is a recurring scene with slight differences.
Close up of the bars- noisy iron jail bars (close up) sliding open + camera zooms into another room
Dialogue about rehabilitation
Lighting on red ( spotlight) for good characterization, juxtaposed to officials shrouded in darkness.
Extreme close up on bold red ‘REJECTED’

Introduction to Shawshank Prison
Reds voice over.
The siren heralds prisoners arriving.
Long shot of prison- power, size, colour grey in contrast to green outside.
Aerial shot that moves over the prison into the courtyard where and like prisoners scurry (high angle)
Andy suit symbolic of formal/conservative + stand...