Shakespeare and Brozel

English Essay:
*Shakespeare and Brozel* use different mediums of productions but ultimately aim to express the same values and attitudes. Do you agree?
The Jacobean play Macbeth expresses many principles and values through characters actions. Mark Brozel has adapted the Shakespearean play Macbeth into a contemporary film however the film retains the textual integrity which William Shakespeare had expressed in his play. Shakespeare’s play- Macbeth depicts the integrity and morals prevalent in the Jacobean era especially the psychological impact of realising one’s fate and destiny through metaphysical forces.
Shakespeare emphasises the destructive power of realising someone’s fate or destiny throughout the whole play. The play is one of the shortest plays Shakespeare had written. This ensures that there is a focus and succinctness in the play, which highlight the moral dilemmas. The little abundance of characters allows readers to focus on Macbeth’s thoughts and actions. The succinctness of the play due to the short length also emphasises the quick paced actions in which Lady Macbeth and Macbeth carry out after hearing the prophecies. The fast paced action is due to the change in psychological order of humans which is especially evident through Lady Macbeth’s character. After killing Duncan in his sleep, Lady Macbeth remains a composed manner however as days went by, her behaviour changed. She began to wash her hands very often which the Doctor concluded as a result of “the heart sorely charg’d”, that is, her heart is seethed with guilt from the murders.
Mark Brozels film uses a lot of montages especially ones of Ella washing her hands to depict the gradual change in psychological order after knowing Joe’s prophecy of becoming head chef. Audiences are shown montages of Ella throughout the film. The first few montages shows Ella confidently applying her makeup- especially lipstick however after the series of murders which happen soon after, montages of her...