Red Badge Of Courage Response
Nikolai Reyes

Chapter 1
Passage: p.3 " He had burned several times to enlist."
Effect: This show that he was nervous about joining the army and what would come with it. Leaving home and his mother this must have crossed his mind every time his tried to enlist.
Passage: p.4 " he had seen two tears leaving their trails on his mothers scarred cheek's "
Effect: This is showing that these tears signifie the horrors that his mother is imagine about her son going off to war. This is transmitted to Henry and he understand what his mother is feeling hence his lack of words.
Discussion Question 1
What is the meaning of this statement " He had grown to regard himself as part of a vast blue demonstration."
I believe that the statement was saying that Henry doesnt feel like a person. Like the army   and him are one.
Discussion Question 2
Why does the fear of fleeing battle on Henry mind more then the though of dieing?
Probably due to the other soldiers debating whether or not he would. This can be related to peer pressure and how his commrades were discussing the subject.

Chapter 2
Passage: p.17 " I'm going to try like thunder"
Effect: This is showing how modivated and determined the soldier's are when it comes to battle and resisting the urge to run away from the battle.
Figurative Language
Passage: p.13 " It was now like one of those moving monsters wending with many feet.
Effect: Comparing the regiment to a monster like creature with many legs shows how in sync these soldiers acutally are. Which in turn shows that they are either very tired and following the man in front of them, or that they are a very organized and disciplined unit.
Discussion Question 1
Why does Henry try to seek out other soldiers that are afraid of battle.
The reason for this is that Henry himself is afraid of battle and war but doesnt want to be alone with his fears. As would anyone in his particular situation....