Sexualisation of Children and Advertising

The above image is of 10 year old model, Thylane Lena Rose and was taken from the daily mail website

A news story posted on the daily mail website in August 2011 is about 10 year old model Thylane Lena Rose. The story cause controversy as the young model was seen in the fashion magazine, Vogue, wearing make-up and lying down on leopard print bed covers. David Cameron and the mothers union called a summit, aiming to crackdown on the sexualisation of children in the media and advertising. The news story presents many comments from mothers and their views on the images and they feel that the images are wrong and are bluing the thoughts of beauty. Everyday there is advertisements posted of models, with the perfect body, skin and hair. Music videos also share this along with many sexual references for example, music artist Rhianna came under criticism for the clothes and words used in her music videos. The problem with this is that young girls may look up to these woman as role models, wanting to be and look like them. Also, advertisements of models can be found everywhere, in front of shops, on TV, on buses and so on. Therefore, young girls are surrounded by these images and may believe that’s the right way to look, creating the want to grow up quickly and also insecurities and lack of confidence with themselves.

With culture and power, advertising is transmitted to audiences as a representation of how the world is and should be, this is the concept of ideology. “our press, our films, our conversations, the clothing we wear, everything in everyday life is dependant on the representation which the bourgeoisie has and makes us have of the relations between men and the world (Barthes, p146). The advertising of woman today, demonstrates this. Fashion companies mainly promote woman who are good looking, with small body shapes and can promote sex through body language.. They control this by having the power to choose who promotes their products. The effect this...