Dear Janine,

Oh my gosh! I miss you so much and I really need you to help me with a situation. I feel like you’re the only person I can talk to. Anyway, let me get to the point. Basically I am in a huge dilemma; my mum wants me to get married. Knowing you, your reaction will be OH….MY…GOD!!! And, I know right! I have no idea what to do. I’m torn because, 1) I don’t want to upset my mother, however have my whole life to live and I don’t want to get married now! Help me!

Every time I try to talk to her or tell her how I feel she’s always busy. We don’t even have that mother/daughter relationship that we used to have. Every time I feel like talking to her I can’t be myself. I feel like we’re diverging further and further apart. I wish I could do something but she never listens to me and she thinks that everything she says is best for me.

Not only that I’m only 13, I don’t know anything about love. Love is something that is supposed to come naturally to me but instead I am forced into loving someone, 1) I don’t love him, 2) I don’t even know what love is. I have no experience in love and I don’t intend to until I actually fall in love.

Whilst you’re reading this you’ll be saying why don’t you talk about this to the nurse. The thing is she talks too much and when someone cuts her off she gets angry.

Anyway I hope you can help me with my dilemma.

Love You,

Juliet x