Scientific Method
Tina Mitchum
Strayer University
Physical Science
Professor Olga Gubanova

The scientific method is useful in problem solving and decision-making in a wide variety of ways. “The Scientific method is a way to ask and answer scientific questions by making observations and doing experiments.” I believe that using the scientific method will help me to determin which laundry detergent would work best to remove stains form my grandchildren 100% white cotton school uniforms.
I believe that my homemade laundry detergent that's made up of all stain removing and color brightening ingreadents will do a better job of removing stains from the 100%   white cotton school uniforms than the “top conventional brand, for standard top-loading washers, Wisk deep clean, liquid and tide plus bleach alternative vivid white and bright, liquid.”
The hypothesis is that if I test the home made laundry detergent, Wisk. and Tide plus bleach alternative vivid white and bright liquid, with the exact type of stain, same amount of detergent, in the same type of water, same type of wash cycle, and dried the same we will find which detergent removes stains the best.
These are the steps taken to try and prove my hypothesis.
  Use 3 new 100% white cotton wash cloths.
  Label each wash cloth with the type of detergent that it is being tested with.
  Then pour 1 TBL of grape cool aid, 1 TBL catchup, and 1 TBL chocolate sauce into a large bowl.
  Mix cool aid, catchup, and chocolate sauce together for two minutes.
  Then put all 3 wash cloths into the mix.
  Stir them around in the mix for 5 minutes. Making sure that the mix has soaked into all the wash cloths thoroughly.
  Take the wash cloths out of the mix, hang them up and let them dry completely.
  Put 1 TBL of Wisk deep clean liquid detergent into washing machine.
  Wash and rinse 1 wash cloth in cold water on a regular wash cycle.
  Put the cloth in the drier until completely dry.
  Repeat steps...