Leadership Style
JULY 16, 2015

Leadership Style
Over the years, many important people have become leaders and became some of the most influential people as well. These people have marked and changed the society in some way and often influence the people that they have come in contact with throughout the years. While everyone is not born to be a great leader or have leadership qualities, there remain a few good people who possess excellent leadership qualities.   Some of those qualities are; coaching, coercive, pacesetting, democratic, and authoritative skills.   She may also easily adapt to situations, groups, and other individuals around her.
A leader that possesses this quality can correct and enhance various situations to the best of her knowledge and abilities. This style of leadership remains the authoritative style. The authoritative style also presents as the most effective because the style reveals togetherness, self-confidence and adapts to an environment easily. These remain reasons why Fertina admires and respect First Lady Michelle Obama.  
First Lady Michelle Obama
Michelle Obama appeared in 2007 as a speaker, supporting her husband at a Democratic Convention (A & E Television Networks, 2014).   Her deep interest for the people struck the hearts of America. Some of her concerns included, military families encouraging the national service, and helping working women balance having a family life feeding the poor, and helping homeless people. In addition, she strives to fight the obesity in our youth.   Her character remains, happy, helpful, nice, and considerate of others. Although her family has gone through humility, First Lady Michelle Obama believes that people should always treat people with dignity and respect and work hard for what one believes.  
First Lady Michelle Obama has also kept her confidence in living a healthier lifestyle in everything that she does.   Her lasts concerns have been with the economy, helping and...