Year 10 SIRP
Justification: This research is carried out in order to answer the following question: how well different brands of paper toel absorb water.
Aim: To find out how well different brands of paper towel absorb water.
Hypothesis: The brand “Confidence Samson” will absorb the most water as it is the thickest of them all.
Materials: 4 different brands of paper towels, a measuring cup, water, ruler,scissors, stopwatch, a pencil.

  * Independent variable: the brand of the paper towel
  * Dependant variable: the amount of water the paper towel absorbs
  * Controlled variables: temperature of the water, room temperature, the length and width of the paper towel, wind force, amount of water, time of how long you dip the paper towel in the water.
Risk assesment:   The water may fall on the floor and could make someone slip. In order to reduce the damage while doing the experiments towels are prepared to soak up the water and also making people aware of what is going on.
  1. Get 4 different brands of paper towels
  2. Fill a measuring cup with 350 mL of water
  3. Cut the 4 different paper towels into the exact same size making it 17cm long and 7 cm wide using a ruler.
  4. Draw a 4cm line on the paper towels to mark where to dip the paper towel in the water.
  5. Prepare your stopwatch
  6. Dip your paper towel into the water.
  7. Leave the paper towel in the water for 60 seconds
  8. Measure how high the water rised on the paper towel using a ruler
  9. Do the steps with all 4 paper towels.
  10. Step 4
Step 4
Repeat all methods two more times.