Axia College Material
Appendix B
Supplemental Web sites
Week One
The Scientific Method (Ch. 1; Assignment)

Week Two

Prokaryotes and Eukaryotes (Ch. 4; DQ 2)
Plant and Animal Cells’ Structures and Functions (Ch. 4; CheckPoint)

Week Three

Mitosis and Meiosis (Ch. 5; CheckPoint)
Photosynthesis and Cellular Respiration (Ch. 10 and pp. 422-436; Assignment)

Animation of the Electron Transport System (ETS):
Week Four
DNA (Ch. 6; DQ 1)

Dolan DNA gene almanac:


Build a DNA molecule:
Chromosomes (Ch. 5; DQ 2)
Human chromosomes with links to excellent graphics:

Human chromosomes and human genetic disorders:

Role of genes in human health:

Gregor Mendel and Genetics (Ch. 3; CheckPoint)
Classical genetics:

Week Five

Human Organ Systems (Ch. 12; Assignment)

Digestive Tract Multimedia:

Week Six
Evolution (Ch. 2)
Hominid species (DQ 1, CheckPoint):...

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