Schools Policies an Procedures

Schools have policies and procedures in place so that parents, staff, governors and others who
are involved in the way schools run are able to work from a set of clearly understandable
Each school will have a slightly different list of policies and procedures but they should all
outline the purpose and aims, and responsibilities of staff.
Policies and Procedures listed in the table below are in relation to Bluecoat Academy in

Policies and Procedures


staff wellbeing, pay policy, special leave of abscence policy, sickness
abscence management, misconduct of an employee, governor allowance
policy, handling redundancies policy, appraisal and capabilities policy,
adoption leave procedures, annual leave procedure

Pupil Welfare

whistleblowing policy, safeguarding policy, sex and relationships
education policy, health, safety and security policy, extremism and
radicalisation policy, equality and diversion policy, drug education policy,
behaviour policy, anti-bullying policy

Teaching and

Curriculum Policy

Diversity and

Equal opportunities policy, Inclusion disability policy


Attendance Policy

Policies are an important way for a governing body to raise standards and influence the school. These
can range from dealing with complaints to appointing the new head teacher.

Some policies are required by law.

Guidelines like the ones below can help schools creating good policies and procedures:

identify those who are responsible for drafting the policy such as the curriculum leader, staffing
committee, or a working group

establish what the underlying principles of a policy or procedure will be

ensure that all interested parties are consulted

review policies and procedures following consultation

identify the success criteria of the policies and procedures that are going to be put in place