Understanding how duty of care contributes to safe practice
1/explain what is meant to have a duty of care in own work place
2/explain how a duty of carer contributes to the safeguarding or protection of individuals.
Unit 4222-304

Duty of care is a practice in place to both protect the service user and staff member.

All children at Pebble Brook have a right to be safe, and treated with dignity and respect, along with a right to be protected from sexual, physical and emotional harm.
The approach taken at Pebble Brook School is
    • Staff who come in to contact with the service users are CRB registered.
    • Full risk assessments are conducted to ensure that each service user’s placement is correct for the student’s needs
    • Risk assessments are updated regularly to ensure their duty of care can still be met.
    • A full training program is in place and monitored to certify all staff are fully up to date with good practice i.e. child protection training, fire training, team teach fist aid.
    • Confidential information is kept safe and access is only open to appropriate staff.
    • All service users are required to read student files to ensure that all student needs are met.
    • A service user a right to believed
    • To work in an anti bullying/racist and   prejudiced environment

Duty of care is addressed to other areas such as a child’s right to be heard in private and if necessary appropriate action to be taken, logged and reported to a manager.

Safeguarding is a structure in place to protect all parties, staff must be seen to conduct them selves in a professional way, and not taking risks by putting themselves in a vulnerable situation. If a service user has been known to make allegation, do not put yourself in a position of working alone with them, even if you have worked with them   for years and you feel you have a special relationship with them. Never give out medication alone.
All staff need to observe and monitor each...