I am currently in the field of Business Administration my Goal After completing my Associates Degree, is to obtain a Bachelors Degree in Business Administration and Marketing.   While Researching how Calculus is used in my major, I researched various websites and discovered that the main Career Choices for a person with a degree in Business Administration are; Accountants, Administrative Executives, Bankers, Chief Executive Officer, Etc.
These careers demand a strong understanding of mathematical, analytical and financial knowledge in order to be successful.   This is where Calculus comes into play.   It is most interesting how most Calculus formulas and methods play a position in real life scenarios.   Thus being said it is more than obvious that Calculus really is used beyond college, despite most beliefs that it will never be used outside of College Classes.   One example on how Calculus is used in the business world is anyone who deals with rates of change can put calculus to use. Finance uses Calculus Daily. Engineers use calculus to measure, among other things, changes in electrical current, forces and velocities, stresses and strains, and reaction rates. Physicists, ditto; chemists, ditto; biologists predict growth rates of everything from viruses to babies.
Business wise calculus is used to predict population growths, rate of change for sales and Production, education and employment and average and total cost, revenue and profit of production.   For many careers, knowing how to obtain this type of information is either a primary responsibility of their jobs or plays a major role. Researching how calculus is used in my major was a huge eye opener and made me realize how crucial calculus is to my major!