Santa's Magic Dust

Tristin Wisener
AP Calculus AB
4th period
First Semester Extra Credit Project


All throughout the year Santa Claus and his elves are constantly making toys for the children of the world. Then at midnight on December 24, he travels around the world and delivers toys to every good boy and girl on his “nice” list. But how does he do it? How do the reindeer fly, and how does Santa fit his big round bell down a tiny chimney? How does he make it around the world in one night?
Magic dust. Only the highly classified elves that train the reindeer and deal with a toy delivery know about this secret magic dust (oh, and of course Mrs. Claus). This magic dust can do absolutely everything. It can make animals, even people fly; jolly men shrink down to fit into small places; it can make warm milk cold, and vice versa; and it can help Santa conjure up toys on a whim for children he meets when he comes and visits from the North Pole.
Jolly, one of Santa’s highly classified elves, really needed to know how long the magic dust will last while Santa is delivering the toys. You see, Mrs. Claus worries very much for Santa because the accident in 1997 when Santa’s sleigh broke down and he got stuck in South Africa because he didn’t have enough magic dust. They sent down a crew from the spy elves division with some of the extra reindeer to give him more magic dust to finish delivering the toys and get home in time to nap and eat Christmas dinner with Mrs. Claus. So one of Jolly’s tasks was to create a secret compartment within Santa’s sleigh that could hold all the magic dust he needs for the night that he goes and delivers all the toys. Santa told her specifically that he needed this compartment to hold at least 1,344 centimeters3 in order for him to last the night. He gave her the dimensions of the cylinder, which is 28 centimeters in length and 4 centimeters. But man, oh, man Merry did not want Jolly to make this secret compartment. Merry is a...