Samuel Beckett

Samuel Beckett Essay
  Samuel Beckett was a depressed author whose literature has baffled the human mind. His plays and books made people say things like this doesn't make any sense or ask "Why did he write that?"Hope this will answer all of your questions in this essay it’s talking about how his life and things going on around him and to him affected his writing.

Samuel Beckett was born on Good Friday in Dublin Ireland april 13 1906 he was raised in a middle class and very strict protestant home.His mother and father were: Mary and William Beckett.His mother liked to spend good quality time with her kids wither they were training or just doing hobbies with them and their father spent time with them by going fishing and playing golf and showing them his love for nature.Beckett was a very smart boy he started to learn how to speak french at the age of six.He attended the Portora Royal boarding School.He was the light heavyweight Champion in wrestling   and he also wrote for the school newspaper . His first doodles were of   hobos and tramps and in “Waiting with Godot” two of his characters were hobos.His teachers said that he was moody and withdrawn.

When he was ten years old it was the beginning of the civil war between Ireland and Britain,also during world war one his uncle was fighting with the British army.Samuel seemed to say the he had a good childhood but unhappiness surrounded him.It’s sort of like the endgame when the   character seems positive but they aren’t happy about whats going on they are gloomy maybe he’s trying to relfect his true inner self some way or another because he says he happy but not happy about the things going on around him.Also in Endgame Hamm was always happy as he told the stories but he was always complaining about whats going on around him .

In 1928 Beckett moved to Paris and he loved it there.At the age of 24 Beckett won his first literary prize of 10lbs for a poem called whoroscope. Samuel went to trinity college and...