Samson & Delilah Nursing Review

In the movie, Samson and Delilah, there are several issues that effect Aboriginal people. The running theme and one of the first things we see is substance abuse -   more specifically, petrol sniffing and later in the film, alcohol. We also see the sub developed standards that the Indigenous population live in. Many live well under the considered the poverty line in neglected government building projects. Another, which we see to Delilah's grandmother, is the exploitation of Aboriginal labour, in this case native art. We also see child abuse that is shown as the protagonists leave the community.

Substance abuse has been a one of the most prominent features in the degradation of aboriginal culture and people. Starting with alcohol, drugs and alcohol took hold du to the lack of experience of these substances within native culture and the inability to cope with the substances in comparison with their normal diets. This has resulted in the excess of these substances, communities falling into a drugged disarray.

The wide spread hold that alcohol and other substances had on these communities and the inability for many cultures to cope with this situation (which further contributed with the annihilation of language and law of all but 120 cases) many Aborigines   failed to maintain basic shelter, feed families or even consider employment. This led to the poverty of Aborigine peoples, the average health, life expectancy, income or education being well below that of other Australian groups all the rest of the Australian populations as a whole (this is known as the 17 year gap).

The sheer degradation of these people has lead to their exploitation with what's left of their ancient, complex culture unable or slow to adapt to a westernized environment and their ruining past degrading their standard of living with little hope of fair employment, Aborigines have been left rather vulnerable to exploitation. An estimated $2 million p.a. is gained through the unrightful...