Sample Statement of Purpose for Ms Industrial Engineering

Undiminished through the epochs, has been the quest to unravel the mystery of making. Embedded in all our hearts is the deepest desire to achieve precision. Besides this, I believe that acquisition of knowledge can never be a discrete achievement. It is the culmination of prolonged effort and the prelude to further inquiry and study. It thrives in an academic ambience where I wish to contribute my mite to the mighty miracles enabled by science in general and expand on the efficiency, expounded exponentially by Production Engineering in particular. Inspired by this goal, I am determined to acquire a Masters degree in Industrial Engineering.

It is this staunch desire that has driven me into exploring the archways in the palaces of clinical perfection, streamlined to perform to optimal requirements. This inborn interest enabled me to channelize my thoughts and delve into the realm of production engineering and management. Filliped by my undergraduate schooling in mechanical engineering, where courses like Design of Machine Elements, Production Techniques and Precision Engineering created a concrete foundation to admire and appreciate the processes of design, manufacturing and assembly, my interests were focused in wanting to realize the utopian environment with a perfect balance struck between people, processes and plans.

Inspired by the experience gained in handling CNC machines and its limitless advantages contrasted against the laborious, though satisfying, manual fabrication, my interests further collimated in wanting to optimize production by controlling and monitoring its multitudinal facets including inventory management, production scheduling and process planning. To satiate this desire, I explored these avenues through courses like Optimization, Operations Research, and Manufacturing Planning and Control. This helped hone my skills in mathematical and stochastic modeling, fuelled by my innate inclination towards calculus and probability theory. The...