Types of abuse :
  * Physical abuse
  * Psychological/emotional abuse
  * Financial abuse
  * Neglect
  * Discrimination
  * Sexual abuse
  * Institutional abuse
Physical abuse: This occurs when injuries are inflicted, or the health and development of the person is severely impaired. Examples: when a person is given too much medication causing drowsiness or someone hits/slaps another person.
Psychological /emotional abuse: When there is a denial of a person’s basic right such as not being given choices, their opinion not being heard or they are not given any privacy . Where the person is over- protected and kept back ,not enabling someone live a normal life as possible and to be able to ‘ grow and develop’. Examples: When a person punished if they have been incontinent. When an adult with learning disabilities is not encouraged by their family to live independently because the family would lose the ‘disability living allowance’/other benefits etc.  
Financial abuse :People who are housebound,confused and/or have physical or mental disabilities are the most vulnerable and at risk.An example: someone cashes pension/benefits on behalf of a vulnerable adult and does not give it to the person it belongs to,but keeps it for their own use.
Neglect :To pay too little or no attention to a person, to fail to take proper care of the person , to omit to do or be remiss about something .Neglect can also come under physical and phychological abuse. An example is where the person does not receive proper food and drink resulting in malnutrition or dehydration.
Discrimination: Choices given to a person is not based on their ability or needs   but made in relation to their race ,gender,   disability, etc. Examples: An Asian women is not given any option about what she wants to wear , for example, sari, or any choices about the meal she has.
Sexual abuse :This occurs when the person is involved in sexual activities to which they have not consented ,...