Safeguarding Portfolio Evidence.

Safeguarding and duty of care:

With working within the childcare setting I have a duty of care towards the children attending and this duty brings the responsibility to ensure that all efforts are made to safeguard children from suspected and actual harm. Children attending the setting have the right to feel safe and I in partnership with the parents have a responsibility to act on any concerns I may have in regards to a child’s well being and welfare. Due to the many hours of care I provide I may be the first person to sense there is a problem, and I might be the first person the child feels comfortable with to confide in about abuse or any problems they are having at home and I have a duty to be aware that abuse does happen within our society. I have a duty of care to every child and a responsibility to report suspected abuse. I will make sure that I act in the strictest of confidence and I will not discuss my thoughts to anybody who isn’t relevant to the child’s case. I will ensure that children are never placed at risk while in my care, and I will stay alert to any signs of abuse and I am aware of the different ways in which children can be harmed either by parents, carers or by bullying from other children. There are many different ways of which to abuse a child: Physical abuse, neglect, sexual abuse and emotional abuse. If I do have concerns about any child I will discuss my concerns with the parent/carer and these discussions will be recorded which the parents will have access to and if necessary the children’s services will be notified. If after observing a child and I have concerns I will keep a record; details of this record will include: the child’s name, child’s address, the child’s age and date of birth, the date and time of my observations or disclosure and the exact words of the child and their injuries or marks seen, the name of the person to whom the concern was reported and any discussions held with the...

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