Running Against the Wind

Jordan Friedman
Mr. Patchell
English 156
16 October 16, 2008
Running Against the Wind
The main character in “The Waiting” is a shady, alienated man who we know little about. We do know he carries a gun, and is being followed by a man named Alehandro. The fact that he knows the name of the man who is stalking him, tells us he is wise and crafty, or he pissed off someone he knew, and now there’re coming back for revenge. The narrator is also prejudice towards Jews and likely towards other minorities. Based on his general shady character, as well as his history of being in jail, I believe the main character is a back-stabbing, mob member.
We also know he likes gangster movies and doesn’t go to the movie theatre to enjoy a good plot. He gets to the theatre after the movie starts and leaves before it is over. He only sits in the back row and is more worried about cussing out other movie goers, than enjoying the movie. This peculiar behavior leads me to believe he is mentally unstable.
The dreams he has only confirm his insanity. The narrator has reoccurring nightmares where he shoots someone, or he gets shot himself. For this reason he keeps a revolver by his bed in case he is attacked.
Hatred and paranoia are indicators of mental illness and the narrator shows these characteristics throughout the story. He is running from his stalker and running from his past life but has no where to go. The first time he turned his back he got away, the second time he got blown away.