For Chinese companies, although the Indonesian market seems profitable and attractive, it can not be denied that the Indonesian market can be also considered as a highly risky and backward market. When opening companies or investing in the Indonesian market, Chinese businessmen often find out that they have to face a large amount of problems. These problems do not only come from differences between two cultures or different religious beliefs, but also from political or economic environment.

The first problem comes from different cultures and religious beliefs. Because most Indonesian people believe in Islam while most Chinese businessmen are atheists, the Indonesian employees often think that their Chinese boss does not respect their religion while Chinese managers just do what they think is reasonable. For example, Indonesian workers who believe in Islam think that they have right to get a long break in the afternoon, and during this period, they can pray for Allah, however, in order to raise the profit, Chinese managers only give a lunch break to their employees. For Indonesian employees, this may be a kind of insult to their god, otherwise Chinese managers just do what is considered as common in China. This kind of misunderstanding between workers and managers will result in low work efficiency and make employees are not loyal again to the company. This is why Chinese managers often find out that the local employees are hostile to their leaders and even steal property from the company.

In addition to different cultures and religious beliefs, the political and economic environment is also the origin of   problems. As a developing country with extremely low level of economy, the Indonesian government keeps both eyes peeled for those foreign industries. Why the Indonesian government   does so is that although foreign investments now have great effects on improving Indonesian economy, the Indonesian government is more willing to make the local industries take...